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Curecall offers a solution to ophthalmologists who want to monitor their patients remotely. It allows practitioners to monitor closely the sight of their patients, between consultations.
Curecall automates, streamlines and secures the ambulatory care pathway. It is an ally in dealing with patient consumers and improving the quality and safety of care.
Curecall creates solutions for patients and healthcare professionals. It optimizes patient management for clinical trials and promotes compliance throughout the studies.

Our Vision

We build a future where individualized patient’s follow-up is a reality and normality.
We believe that it starts with tools to help doctors understand the patients in their daily life and ends with collecting real world data to make changes in the Pharmaceutical industry.

Our mission

Our mission is to provide healthcare professionals with intelligent and effective technologies that improve patient care through conversational medical solutions.

Data for good

In the digital era, the exploitation of real-life data opens the way to improved care. Real-time, detailed knowledge of the patient experience provides healthcare actors with information that can help them take actions more promptly, modulate patient treatments and optimize their care pathways.
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Our solutions

Glaucome / AMD / Maculopathy / Retinopathy
The Hygie Bot automates the follow-up of your patients with chronic diseases using SMS technology. This conversational agent follows your patients with vision tests and helps improve their therapeutic compliance.
Cataract / Intravitreal injection / Refractive
The Heka Bot automates the follow-up before and after the eye surgeries using SMS technology. This conversational agent allows you to reassure and inform your patient at the right time, while saving considerable amount of time in the management of outpatients.

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